Painted shields and Carvings

  • "The history of the prancing horse" - The artwork is a combination of a painted real carbon shield and a black walnut wood carving. Only a few similar pieces are made, each with different unique carvings. - Full description below.

    Price: €9500 - custom pieces can be ordered

Ferrari history Black Walnut wood carving

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The central element of the creation is the shield, which is hand-made in the UK, using the highest quality “pre preg” carbon, the interesting thing is that it comes from a company called Neos Composite, who also produce carbon parts for the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 team from 2023- in the competition season. The shield is also coated with a 2×2 layer of “twirl” varnish, which provides a perfectly shiny and durable surface. The hand-painted prancing horse on the shield was made with oil paint, and the gold around it was made with acrylic paint.

The shield is attached to the carving with a magnet at the bottom (if you take the shield off, you can see the engraving of the prancing horse in the magnet as well), and at the top it simply slides onto the platform below, making it safe and easy to put on and take off. The basis of the carving is a 100 x 120 cm, 1st-class American walnut (also known as black walnut) sheet, which was completely made by the artist’s hands, from the raw wood, to the processing and varnishing. The carving is intended to display the most important milestones of the Ferrari car factory and racing team in chronological order, going from left to right: 1. Enzo Ferrari’s hometown Modena 2. the foundation of Scuderia Ferrari 3. Ferrari’s first street car 4. the introduction of the Ferrari 250 GTO 5. Niki Lauda’s first F1 championship victory 6. introduction of the 288 GTO 7. Enzo Ferrari’s death – the birth of the F40 8. Michael Schumacher joins the Ferrari Formula 1 team.

The choice did not fall on Ferrari by chance, as István created more than 20 Ferrari paintings for his clients from Saudi Arabia to Taiwan to the USA, and her paintings can still be seen in London, in the showroom of Scuderia Shields.

The goal was to create a unique and never-before-seen complex artwork that could rightly symbolize the car brand with perhaps the greatest history. The artwork took 400 hours to complete. 

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